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How to make a sample?

1) Design the technical draft according to your demands。

2) Make 3D drawing for you to confirm again。

3) We will make private mold for you。

4) After make mold we will make the real sample for you。

5) printing artwork for bottles。

6) Send sample to you for testing。

Design----3D drawing----private mold---make real sample--printing artwork ---customer confirm

Why must make a sample?

As everyone knows it is very important to confirm the sample before the mass-production。 It will prevent many troubles happen。 You need to confirm the bottle’s   quality,color,shape,capacity,printing。 You need to test if the bottle suit for your liquid. If the pump&cap good match to your bottle。 Except this you need to test if the supplier capability and service, if they can provide you good quality product&service。 A pre-sample can stop many troubles 。 So don’t hesitate to making a sample before mass-production。


What is our design advantage and promise?

Our design team owned 10 senior designer。 They worked more than 10 years with very abundant experience on cosmetics bottle designing。 They full of creativity and amazing idea。

We provide 24 hours inquiry service.Our design team always easier and high efficient to communication。 We are patient to listen to your idea and professional to design your own bottle。

We focus on make business easier,high efficient and convenient!

First, injection molding process

          The injection molding process is to inject the heated plastic into the mold through a syringe, and after a certain cooling time, the plastic solidifies and takes out the finished product. Its advantages are smooth surface, rich details, accurate size, good repeatability,
suitable for the production of high quality, large quantities of packaging bottles, such as hand sanitizer bottles, emulsion bottles, cream bottles, oil bottles, nail polish bottles and so on。

Two, blow molding process

          Blow molding process, also known as hollow molding process, is through the pre-heated plastic particles through the extrusion mechanism into a hollow tubular body, and then through the mold blown into the shape. Its advantages are high production efficiency, uniform product wall thickness, light weight, diverse shapes, suitable for the production of small and medium-sized packaging bottles of various shapes, such as hand sanitizer bottles, emulsion bottles, cream bottles, essence bottles, nail oil bottles and so on bottle embryo blow molding。

Third, glass manufacturing process
          After the glass bottle is heated and melted, the production of the product is completed through the manufacturing process such as blowing, rolling, stretching, extrusion and other molding methods. Its advantage is that the glass bottle has a high transparency, good physical properties and chemical stability, suitable for high-end drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other high-end product packaging, including oil bottles, cream bottles, aromatherapy bottles, perfume bottles, nail oil bottles, candle cups, car aromatherapy bottles, control bottles, ampas and so on。
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