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Environmental pollution is a global issues.It takes the profound impact for our life . Every of us should awareness how seriousness it is. . So what takes the   environmental pollution?

   Human activities are the primary cause of environmental pollution.These activities will generate a large amount of harmful substances such as garbage, exhaust gas, and wastewater. Thereby causing harm and pollution to the environment

Industrial pollution is one of the most serious pollution factors in human activities. All kinds of industrial production demands a large amount of energy, and the wastewater, exhaust gas discharged at the same time will cause harmful pollution to the environment

Glass material pollution to the environment
Glass material to the environment pollution picture
MG protects the natural environment

               The Earth we live on is a community of life, The natural ecosystem and human society are interdependent. Therefore, protecting the environment is the responsibility of all of us。

Environmental protection can protect our health. Environmental pollution is one of the main causes of many diseases and health problems. Protecting the environment is a necessary condition for protecting our own health。

Life comes from nature, to protect the natural environment is to love human beings!
The importance of environmental protection

1. Control exhaust emissions and adopt low-carbon measures.

2. Implement energy conservation and emission reduction, like adopting energy-saving lamps, equipment, and technologies, and carry out activities to save water, electricity, and oil.

3. Reasonable use of resources to reduce waste generation.

4. Recycle and repeat use the chemical raw materials and waste.

5. Strengthen environmental monitoring, strengthen environmental impact assessment of pollution sources, etc

6. Pay attention to environmental education and carry out publicity and education work related to environmental protection

7. Establish a responsibility system for complying with environmental regulations, and ensure the implementation of environmental legal technical standards by improving corporate environmental standards and strictly enforcing them

8. Establish a mechanism to fulfill environmental obligations on time to ensure standardized behavior of enterprises in environmental protection

What we have done for protect environmental?
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